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Dein Leben dreht sich nur im Kreis...

...denn irgendwann ist auch ein Traum zu lange her...

Elisabeth / Lisi
16 February 1987

Elisabeth87's Profile Page

"Light is the first of painters. There is no object so foul that intense light will not make it beautiful."

elisabeth. 22. austria. linz. german. general qualification for university entrance. 1 twin sister.
To destroy what society has built, is to create a new freedom.

shy & insecure. cooperative .

endearing & nice. younger twin.
good listener. not a morning person. sleepyhead.
faithful. honest.

materialistic, sometimes hurting. perfectionist.
fast annoyed. bullheaded. easy hurt. loves the quiet.
incalculable & reflective. in the beginning inaccessible.

♥autumn. woods. nature. butterflys. bonfire. candles.
bananas. childhood memories. christmas. cocktails. coffee. summer nights.
colors. to do handicrafts. to knot. france&italy.
languages. english. french. laughing. paris. cork. brüssel. candlelight. money.
music. nature. psychology. biology. arts. history.
friends. strawberries& chats& poems. sunny&warm days. reading.
roses. shopping. sunsets. ice skating.
smell before&after the rain. snow.
strawberries&sunflowers. travelling. writing.
tea& hazelnut chocolate.

sounds; tori amos. édith piaf. laura pausini. ayumi hamasaki. reinhard mey.
ani difranco. imogen heap. vienna teng. joss stone. céline dion.
katie melua. paola & chiara. evancescene. sarah mclachlan. alanis morisette.
rebekka bakken. norah jones. sarah bettens. sophie auster. koda kumi.

fangirl; buffy. angel. grey's anatomy. house m.d.
desperate housewives. charmed. friends. gilmore girls.
dark angel. mila superstar. harry potter.

films; potc 1 & 2 & 3. the mists of avalon.
memoirs of a geisha. the last samurai. the lake house.
happy feet. capote. the lord of the rings (all 3).
paris, je t'aime. je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas. la vie en rose.

heroes; sarah michelle gellar. alyson hannigan.
christina oh. hugh laurie. anne heche. meg cabot.
marion zimmer-bradley. stephenie meyer. jodi picoult.
joanne k. rowilng. federica de cesco.

journal 99% friends only. 0,89% public. 0.11% private

C'est la vie
Clouds descending
I'm not policing what you tink and dream
I run into your thought from across the room
Just another trick
Can I weather this
I've got a fever above my waist
You got a squeeze box on your knee
I know the truth is in between the 1st and 40th drink
A chill that bends this
I swear you're the fiecest calm I've been in
Try infrared
This I swear
You're the fiercest calm I"ve been in the
Soul-quake happened here
In a glass word
Particle by particle
She slowly changes
She likes hanging chinese papper cuts
Just another fix
Can I weather this
I got my fuzz all tipped to play
I got a dub on your landscape
Then there's your policy of trancing
The sauce without the blame
Too far too far too far
It could all get way too cheerful
I know the truth lies in between the 1st and the 40th drink
Clouds descending

Tori Amos - Concertina

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